Loan Approval Process

At West End Housing Finance Limited (WEHFL), it is our focus to make the complete process of availing home loan simple and hassle free for the applicant. We believe in maintaining a completely transparent relationship with the customer wherein every procedure, document, fees and any other charges will be fully explained to customer’s satisfaction.

All the customer has to do is to get in touch with our loan advisors and they will guide you through the process of availing loan.

Steps in Loan Approval
1. Assessment
The customer has to submit the application along with the documents required with our team. Following which verification of the documents will be conducted to ensure that all the documents are valid and in order. At this stage, the customer’s eligibility will be established based on the credit history and the income documents submitted. This will help us understand the customer’s credit worthiness and their repayment capacity.

2. Conditional Loan Sanction
After establishing applicant’s eligibility, we will issue an “in-principle sanction letter”. The applicant is supposed to sign and submit a copy of this letter indicating acceptance of terms and conditions in “in-principle sanction letter”. We recommend that the applicant read this letter carefully and get any doubts/ queries clarified from our loan advisors.

3. Legal & Technical Assessment
Our team will conduct a technical and legal assessment of the property that would be given as security for the loan. On completion of assessments, Final Sanction Letter will be issued to the applicant, a signed copy of which needs to be submitted indicating acceptance of terms and conditions.

4. Documentation
The applicant will be provided with a legal kit which will consist of all the documents needed to avail the loan. All the documents will be completely explained by our loan advisors. It is highly recommended that you read the documents carefully before signing. This ensures that the information is correct and you understand all the terms and conditions.

5. Disbursement
On completion of all the above steps, disbursements will be done as per scheduled plan. EMIs payments will start post disbursements.

If you have any queries, please feel free to Contact Us.